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The story of Elendu Textile is one about finding your purpose, making a positive impact in your community and creating opportunities. We started our business with one goal in mind: to develop Innovative Solutions for a Seamless and Exciting recycling experience. 

Started in the late 60’s by Sylvester Elendu Sr. in Holland to help provide new opportunities for struggling families overseas while simultaneously providing solution for the crises of textile waste in Holland. To achieve this goal, Sylvester Sr. would buy used textiles and export them overseas, selling a portion to wholesale buyers who then sell it in the local market to consumers who reuse them, he would then split the other portion in to smaller sized bales, giving them to poor and struggling families on credit (no cash) to enable them to create a cash flow and raise capital to get them back on their feet. 

Almost 50 years later Elendu Textile is Established in the US by his 4 sons who live in the US, to continue his legacy. Elendu Textile has become a significant player in the global market of used textile through our vast knowledge and experience in the textile recycling industry. We are introducing new solutions to help solve the issue of textile waste here in the US and to improve the recycling experience here in general. To achieve this we are partnering with recyclers, clothing brands and retailers, so we can come together and help minimize the impact of textile waste on the environment.

Our Mission

 According to the EPA, textiles and fabrics have one of the lowest recycling rates for any reusable material. We are partnering with clothing brands, retailers and other recyclers to advance the awareness of the growing need to recycle textiles and to encourage and support a culture that practices reuse. To do this we created a program called "Green By Pound". The program encourages everyone to bring in their used/unwanted textiles in exchange for money. We weigh your textiles and pay for them by the lbs(pound). We then sort and bale these textiles and export them overseas for reuse. Through this program we hope to accomplish the following yearly: 

  • Increase Textile Recycling Rates

  • Reduce Post-Consumer Textile Wastes by at least 21,120,000 lbs, thus saving the city & taxpayers $464,640 as it costs $44 per ton just to unload or dump the waste at a landfill.

  • Reduce Methane emissions, a harmful greenhouse gas and a significant contributor to global warming

  • Create Jobs

  • Help Charities raise revenue so they can fund important community programs

Have Questions? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to assist you.

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