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In a blog entry from February, 2012 by Richard Thaler he wrote:
Lotteries are just one way to provide positive reinforcement. Their power comes from the fact that the chance of winning the prize is overvalued. Of course you can simply pay people for doing the right thing, but if the payment is small, it could well backfire. …
A simple alternative to lottery would be a rewards program or rewards system where points can be redeemed for something fun, a free goodie, or cash. This sort of reward system has been successfully used in England to encourage recycling. In the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead outside of London, citizens could sign up for a rewards program in which they earned points depending on the weight of the material they recycled. The points were good for discounts at merchants in the area. This rewards program caused Recycling to increase by 35 percent.

Through our Green By The Pound program, we want to partner with Retailers to make this a reality for their customers.

Join us today on our mission to promote a Greener World Pound by Pound.

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