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The word sustainable fashion is being used today more than ever before. Today a lot of large fast fashion companies are jumping on board the sustainable fashion train. 

In 2013, BSR and Futerra surveyed 54 of the world’s leading brands and determined that sustainable lifestyles will be transformative for business. While they reported that only 2% of consumers were very interested in sustainability, they made a bold prediction that this would transform to 98% by 2018.  Their prediction has indeed been realized.

After the authors of the Harvard Business Review featured companies that had begun working with consumers to address post consumer waste in 2016, they determined that brands that were creating more awareness around recycling, and developing a culture of responsibility, repair, and reuse, were building customer loyalty based on shared values and responsibilities.

The PA Consulting Group produced a recent evidence report that concluded, “retailers that provide genuinely useful services that keep clothing and electronics out of the landfills have a greater opportunity to recognize economic value”. 

With brand loyalty under increasing pressure, the simple act of promoting recycling should be an integral part of the customer experience. 

Through our Green By The Pound program, we want to make this a reality for our Brand partners and their customers.

Join us today on our mission to promote a Greener World Pound by Pound.

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